A spiritual awakening reveals many illusions, false beliefs and conditioning regarding our feeling of independence and uniqueness..

we have a multitude of choices , free will and we do things to own fruition. As we begin to look deeper, beyond the realms of the ego, we realise our own existence is dependent on all kinds of things, like the air we breathe, the supply of money and access to water. We are dependent and entwined within a complex system of laws, social constructs and a collective unconsciousness, working beyond our awareness.
Our childhoodexperiences, attachments and ways of relating create a framework for how a person interacts, survives and flourishes in society, as an adult. Thissense of self,defines our values, identity, beliefs and underlying thought processes. We unknowingly surround ourselves with thick walls, keeping us safe, but in a rigid zone of limited thinking, away from our creative source of infinite possibilities. Tomove beyond our comfort zones, we must embrace our courage and face our fears, to learn to cope with feelings of anxiety, disorientation and uncertainty.

These walls and blind spots reduce a person’s independence, creative energy and personal autonomy. We can’t access opportunities we are unwilling to see or believe in, creating a small mental equivalence. We retreat to an ego, an inauthentic self, forcontinued guidance, there to reinforce and protect the original script. With the help of a spiritual teacher, we can burn away a lot of the ego, helping us move into new realms of connection, authenticity and truth. Through the use of meditation, affirmations and prayer, we strengthen our connection to source, opening up new channels for creativity, joy and love. We start to be who we truly are, understand why we are here and start to live a life of fulfilment and meaning.