Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse can run deep in dark corners for years, buried through denial or disassociation. This form of abuse is very subtle and maybe something we accept as societal norms and patterns of behaviour we have tolerated and accepted when we were children. Here are some emotional abuse examples

  • You may be physically exhausted and feel emotionally drained, but are being asked to fulfil family duties and caring for your partner’s needs at the expense of your own sanity and care.
  • When you are told you are loved, but continually let down, abandoned or rejected by friends or a loved one.
  • You are always to blame , regarding of circumstances , with the other person refusing to take responsibility
  • When your partner cheats, gambles or has an addiction problem, unwilling to seek help.

Any form of abuse carries tremendous damage to our self-worth and esteem, leading to confusion, anxiety and depression

Here at Amida we teach you self- love and acceptance, as you start to nurture your inner child with the care and compassion you deserve. We will develop techniques to help enforce and keep boundaries, as you become stronger in caring for your own needs. We have the tools and methods to support you in raising your awareness to spot when you partner is gas lighting, splitting and reframing.

We will support your healing process as you may have to grieve to move forward and avoid meeting the same type of people in the future. We then can reconnect to our hearts , our sensitivity and love ourselves and others again .