Metaphysical Coaching

I can help people develop and learn to accept their true spiritual essence by nurturing their intuition and removing unhealthy beliefs and attachments. We live in a materialistic, scientific society focused on financial gain and technological advancement. In this competitive and antagonistic environment, it is easy to lose our sense of humanness and being.

At Amida I use techniques of mindfulness and metaphysical coaching to help a person reach higher vibrations and level of consciousness. Higher vibrational beings are compassionate, empathetic and in search of the truth, uncovering untruths and limitations .Linked to nature, their presence shines out positively to soothe the way for others.

Together, we explore the ideas of divine source with the intention of opening yourself up to your divinity and spiritual essence. We work on developing and nurturing your intuition, allowing for synchronicity to enter your life and fully connect to your authentic self.

All humankind is capable of high vibrational living. It is a matter of choice. When more people choose to do this, the higher the vibrations will be on earth resulting in a positive energy shift towards increased harmony, peace and love.

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