Package 3


In the rubedo, or reddening, we experience a better integration for the feminine and masculine aspects of our personality bringing unity to the psyche , which manifests in the world, as the individual’s, ever evolving, unique personality or character. The psychotherapy of deconfusion as taken place with the self no longer divided and has become whole .With enough repeated practice of constantly dying and being reborn in the present moment without entering again into the habits, identifications, and cycles of the mind, we experience a strong and profound inner transformation. leading to realisation and enlightenment. we have become free from the mind and have allowed our consciousness or Soul to connect with the Spirit.

This package includes:

  • Weekly commitment to sessions
  • Deeper mediation , focus and awareness Techniques
  • Journaling and introspection , increased creativity and trust of instincts
  • A range of coaching tools and techniques designed to work effectively with rebirth and dying
  • Feedback with email support for homework and weekly journaling
  • monthly power session to isolate issues and concerns
  • Monthly touch points for 12 months to keep track of progress
  • ongoing process of development