Package 1


This is the start of the individuation process  where we work with the shadow and learning to see our projections , repressed emotions and false ideas and beliefs. During the blackening or nigredo, blissful innocence and ignorance are lost. The fall comes as a shock to the individual, as they gradually become aware of their ego and the shadow.With increased awareness we start to burn away the dross , the illusions of the false self through putrification and is a stage of confession and catharsis. This is an extremely challenging process where  certain habits or defense mechanisms that were developed in early years are no longer aiding the individual, but instead hampering them in their ability to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.

This package includes:

  • Weekly commitment to sessions
  • acceptance of obstacles encountered
  • Journaling and introspection , increased awareness
  • A range of coaching tools and techniques designed to work effectively with the shadow
  • Feedback with email support for homework and weekly journaling.
  • Monthly touch points for 12 months to keep track of progress

This could take 6-12 months of intense coaching