At Amida Coaching I offer a 15 minute free consultation to discuss if we can be good fit to explore and develop the tools and awareness you are seeking at the moment. By establishing what brings you to coaching and why now, we can design a plan to help and support you with the goals you wish to accomplish .I offer a flexible approach to coaching , integrating passion, humour and discipline, with a 100% unconditional commitment to support you on your present journey.

The consultation is conducted over the phone or Skype/Zoom if preferred and you are under no obligation to continue with Amida Coaching if you do not wish to. There is no point choosing a coach you don’t feel compatible with as I do ask for commitment and focus to fulfil the service I offer. If you do want to continue, the next step is to choose a date and time for your consultation to start developing more growth and awareness.

Two Hour Consultation

I offer a one-off, two hour coaching session which can identify goals, objectives and levels of spiritual awareness to lay down the foundations for a more personalised plan and working relationship.The session takes the form of a detailed assessment, looking at personal history, relationships ,work and health . This session may be all you need to help you move forward with an issue or desired goal as I work within a deeper level of exploration, enhancing one’s consciousness and alignment to their higher calling.

This two hour session costs £120, and comes with no obligation to continue with more sessions