Spiritual Depression

You may be experiencing a deep sadness, a lack of motivation or ability to focus, with a sense of despair and confusion embroiled within a black hole of hopelessness and helplessness. Anyone can become overwhelmed and exhausted, and this reinforces poor beliefs of not being worthy and loved, and feeds into addictions and behaviors used to help one cope with these distressful feelings. We can critique and question the validity of these thoughts and the deep emotional structures in place that hold onto these destructive ideas.

You may be experiencing a Spiritual depression, a feeling of being separated and severed from one’s divinity and purpose, where our hearts and deepest desires have lost a sense of meaning. The reason for living has been put into suspended animation, as we search for higher levels of consciousness and spiritual development. Your depression may indicate you are ready to let go and grief your current spiritual reality, as we start to emotionally and spiritually mature through a transformational process.

There is no spiritual Prozac or Zoloft to cure the immediacy of our symptoms and vulnerability to the unknown uncertainty. As we realign and reconnect to our divinity, we go through several dark nights of the soul,   uncovering more truths and “rise above “our limiting beliefs and thoughts to progress into our higher self through non-resistance and letting go.

Our spiritual path is a continuous one as we travel through the hero’s journey and the path of the fool, to greater awareness, inner security, and wellness in alignment with our highest calling and purpose.